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What is included in the rental?

Who am I renting the property from?

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HL Holidays  are agents for a number of individual Owners: The Rental Agreements are made between the Guests and the Owners who have authorised HL Holidays to enter into such agreements on their behalf.
Who are HL Holidays ?

Who do I make payments to?

HL Holidays collect all rental payments as part of their service, and Owners are paid before Guests arrive unlike some similar services.
Security Deposits are collected with rental payments by HL Holidays, and will normally be repaid within a week of the end of the stay. See Security Deposits for more information
If you have arranged Final Cleaning at the end of your stay,  (See Cleaning Below) you should confirm how this should be paid for at time of booking.

What is included in the rental?

Rentals include:

Your chosen property, reasonably equipped for everyday family life, along with power light and water at no extra charge ( See note regarding heating). Facilities as described on the website should be included in the rental charge unless otherwise stated (Note – electricity for charging electric cars may be chargeable at the Owner’s discretion)

poolUse of the Swimming pool The management of the pool should be explained in the Property Information, and especially for Exclusive Pools, Guests should be prepared to do some of the basic maintenance between technician services, but there will be no technical input required. Please see Pools – Private and Shared   and Pool Safety  for more information

Internet access is usually unlimited where available, but some satellite services operate on a limited usage, and topping up at cost may be necessary during your stay. This will be detailed in the property particulars – if there is no mention of it, there is no limit (within the bounds of fair usage) Please see Internet Policy for more information

Bed linen is included in the rental at all Halcyon Leisure properties: There may be a supplementary charge if a change of linen is required during the stay (limited availability) – but properties almost all have a washing machine, and the climate is suitable for quick drying!

Towels – Bathroom towels are included at all properties: As with linen, a supplementary charge may be requested if changes are required
Pool towels are generally not included.

Please be aware that the definition of a bathroom towel can vary, and the expectation of a massive soft luxury absorbent fabric may lead to disappointment – The bathroom towel should be adequate for drying the body.

Baby equipment Some houses have cots and high chairs available and these will be normally included in the rent. Where there are no cots or high chairs at the property, or extra ones are required, HL Holidays  have a small stock of Cots, High Chairs and Playpens which are available to hire for a small charge.
Please note that linen, bedding, baby cups etc are not included, and Guests should provide their own.

What is NOT included in the rental?

Travel – Plenty of information and suggestions for travel to this area are available from both this site and the HL Holidays website, but there are no travel inclusive packages available.

Travel Insurance – During the Booking Process your party leader will be asked to declare that adequate Travel Insurance is held for all members of the party. Travel Insurance may be automatic if you pay by credit card, or may come with a domestic insurance package. It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure insurance is in place: There are no options to add this to a booking.

Food and domestic consumables – There may be some items left in your property which Guests are welcome to use, but this should not be expected.

Likewise with non food items such as cleaning materials, there may be a supply when you arrive, but you are expected to replenish these as necessary and the generally accepted practice is to leave the remainder when your rental ends

Cleaning –Unless otherwise stated, cleaning will not be included in your rental, and you are expected to leave the property the same as you found it.  Vacuum cleaners, brushes and cloths are provided.  There may be an option to provide End of Stay cleaning for your property at cost. Please see End of Stay Cleaning  for more information.
Rubbish should also be removed from the property at the end of your stay  – Please see the article ‘Rubbish, Garbage, Trash’ for more information.

Heating – During early spring and in autumn or winter, a Heating supplement may be payable to cover the cost of heating the property ready for Guests to arrive, and heating the property during your stay.

Electricity –  Electricity for normal everyday use will be included in the rental. The charging of electric cars and other vehicles is not considered an every day supply item, and will be chargeable at the Owner’s discretion.
For other reasons, as at January 2024 charging of electric vehicles is NOT PERMITTED at any HL Holidays property – Please see THIS ARTICLE for more information.

Pool Heating – A few pools can be heated, but this should not be needed between June and September when pool temperatures easily exceed 20C with just sun.
Please see the article on Pool Heating for further information and explanations

Visitors during your stay  Each property has a set maximum number of people that can be accommodated, and as part of the Booking Process a list of people staying at the property will be taken: This can be amended at any time up to the date of your arrival within the limits of the property.  Anyone not on that list should not stay at the property.

Market Place, Villereal

Visitors with caravans or tents are expressly forbidden, and if these are discovered, the extra guests will certainly be asked to leave the property immediately, and at the Owner’s discretion your rental can also be immediately terminated.

It is a courtesy to request permission from Owners or Managers if you can accept Day Visitors and you should clarify if the permission includes use of the facilities (eg the pool) Some Owners may request a small charge for Guests not included in the Booking to use the facilities while they are visiting.

Contact Policy

HL Holidays are often contacted by individuals asking for contact details or addresses of our guests whilst they are on holiday in France. We will NOT give this information to anybody. We will however take their contact details, and pass a message to you, either directly or through the property Management,  for you to contact them if you wish and at your convenience.

Please remember that this is rural France – Whilst our website is maintained as reasonably accurately as possible, almost every house has some quirks and slightly odd features that once accepted and understood become an enchanting part of your holiday experience – recent examples include a peahen that has take up residendence in the grounds of one of the properties, and her owners pop in occasionally to feed her, and another where a battered old campervan arrived at a very remote property one evening and the aged occupant regaled the guests of tales of growing up there in the years of WW2, and how his father and uncles ran a Resistance hideout at the farm – We aren’t saying expect the unexpected….. but….. !

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