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Rubbish.. garbage…. trash…. !!!

NOTE: During late 2023 and 2024 changes to rubbish disposal are likely to be announced, and at September 2023 it appears that the arrangements will be different for each département. Please contact HL Holidays for current information if you are in any doubt before you travel

What do I do with rubbish in a self catering property?

Almost universally it is a condition of your rental that rubbish is removed from your property at the end of the stay – and you will often want to get rid of rubbish during your stay.

Domestic waste disposal is well organised in France, and there is a strong ethos of recycling, so you should keep glass, recyclable plastics, metals and paper/cardboard separate from general non recyclable waste.

Your non recyclable waste should normally be put into black waste bags, and tied shut, unless you have instructions otherwise.

Your Property Instructions should contain notes on where rubbish can be disposed of, and there are three ‘levels’:

  1. ‘POUBELLES’ – These are large wheeled bins located at convenient points for collection around the area: You will doubtless pass them as you travel round. There will usually be at least four or five, and they may be different colours, or marked to show what should and shouldnt be put in each bin.
    If a bin is full, you should not leave anything outside or on top of the bin.
  2. VILLAGE OR TOWN SITES  – These will probably have poubelles at them, but also may have ‘bottle banks’ for glass and plastic, and may have large fabric and paper bins as well.
  3. ‘DÉCHETTERIE‘ – This is the main site, usually out of town, for the area where waste and recycling is organised for dealing with elsewhere. Unless you have something unusual it’s unlikely that you will need to go the a déchetterie during your stay.

The whole process is organised commune by commune, and may differ slightly between areas, but the basic set up is the same, and you should not dispose of your rubbish in any other way.

As you travel around the countryside you will see that it is relatively litter free, and only occasionally do you see poubelles overflowing – Please try not to leave your mark for others to clear up on this beautiful country. Your co-operation is very much appreciated.

Please remember that those before you made their effort to keep the countryside clean for you – Please make the effort to ensure that it is clean for those who will be there after you.

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