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Pets on holiday in South and South West France

Are pets permitted in properties?

Only around 10% of properties accept pets, making pet friendly accommodation keenly sought during peak holiday season.

For many Owners it is easier to say no than to have a separate set of rules for pets which may be totally different to the conditions in which the pet is kept at home: Unfortunately no two pets are the same, and all react differently to a new environment, especially one in which the last pet may have only departed a few hours before.

Are there additional charges at those properties that accept pets?

In general no, but this should be made clear on the pricing for the property.

Things to consider if you want to take your pet on holiday to South West France

  1. Make sure you act well in advance – some innoculations and treatments have dates before travel by which innoculations need to have been completed to take full effect There is information on many websites – Pettravel.com is one
  2. You will need a Pet Passport showing that basic innoculations and treatments (eg worming) are up to date:   Pet passports are usually available from your veterinary surgeon, along with the necessary innoculations. Please consult your vet for the current requirements, especially post Brexit.
  3. If your pet requires veterinary treatment whilst away, the standards and style of treatment you are used to at home may be different:  If you have a Pet Plan for your veterinary treatment, it may not be applicable if you are abroad. If your pet is receiving routine medication, is that medication permitted to be bought into another country?
  4. Climate  The climate in South and South West France can get very hot, especially in Peak Holiday season: This Heat Map, from early August 2018, shows the UK in the grip of a heatwave, with temperatures around London and the South East into the 30sC. The temperatures in South West France are showing around 10-12C higher
    Will your pet be ok travelling around in that heat? Tarmac will be incredibly hot to their feet if they are not conditioned to it.
  5.  Bugs and Bites Despite the best innoculation programme, there will be pet bugs around that it will be impossible to detect, and very different to those that the pet is used to – and has natural defences to – at home. It is a risk rather than a probability. Insect life is also different, and your pet will not be familiar with many of the insects and smaller animals encountered at pet level – bites and other associated infections tend to be worse.
  6. Fences and boundaries Whilst they are usually clear in law, fences and boundaries are often not marked or fenced in rural France, especially in areas that have relatively few livestock. You must be prepared to make your own arrangements for your pet’s security, and be aware that your pet will be straying into country with which they are not familiar, and may struggle to find their way back.

My pet sleeps on the bed at home – is this ok? 

Most certainly not! Pets must not be allowed onto the beds or other furniture. Please remember that you are a guest, and there will be other guests following you, and you have a duty of care to keep the property at its best. Pet damage and odour is extremely hard to get out of soft furnishings quickly.

Can my dog go into the pool? 

Again – most certainly not.

Particularly with lined pools ( the majority of pools), scrabbling claws are likely to damage the membrane liner which will put the pool out of action, and cost a great deal to repair: If your dog is found to be the cause of the damage you may be liable for the cost of the repair.
Unlike leaves and other organic matter, pet hair does not degrade quickly and may clog filters.
Please keep your pets out of the pool at all times.

I don’t want to put my pet into kennels – What else can I do?

Trusted Housesitters is a site where you can get the services of a verified house sitter with references who will live in and care for your pets and your house while you are away: This is usually done on the basis that they live in your house, care for your pets and keep it running without charge.
This has the added benefit of security and keeping everything in order while you are away –  and a good housesitter will keep you updated with your pet’s welfare.  However – Peak holiday time is also Peak demand for Housesitters, so book up early.

Another reasonably priced option is to use a pet day care service with a boarding option, of which there are many around the UK now: Your pet lives with the service provider, and stays in a comfortable local climate: There may be company for them, so this approach is probably not suitable if your pet is at either end of the behaviour spectrum.

One example of this service is Happy Doggy Day Care Trowbridge (Link to their Facebook page) which currently costs around £25-£30 per day for your pet to live in the Council approved home of the business owner – en famille, so as to speak.

This includes a daily walk of at least an hour in the superb Wiltshire countryside surrounding Trowbridge with daily photos and GPS maps of their walks sent direct to you so you are sure that your pet is enjoying their holiday just as much as you!

This information is designed to help you understand the pros and cons of travelling with your pet – If we can help with any aspect of your holiday please contact HL Holidays with your questions

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