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On arrival at the property….

Arriving at the property…

Before you set out, check the arrival arrangements – Some Owners/Managers will meet you at the property, and ask you to let them know your approximate time of arrival.

You have had a long journey… and found your way across some sleepy French countryside to the property of your choice…..

How do I get the keys?

At many properties, the Owners or Managers will arrange to meet you – Please follow the instructions supplied to contact them with your estimated time of arrival if requested.

If not – HL Holidays Guests will receive an ‘InfoMap’ including directions to the property and instructions for finding the keys if someone is not going to meet you there. This is usually in pdf format, and designed to be downloaded onto portable devices, and we recommend this is done before departure.
You may find a Key Safe with a combination number, or the keys will be hidden under a distinctive object somewhere.

Once you are in….

The first thing you should locate is the Property Information: Owners are encouraged to correlate the information in a folder, or central location and it should contain most of the information you need to run the house, as well as some local information and emergency contacts – and the all important wi-fi password! (If you cannot locate this, the passwords are almost always located on the routers ) We cannot apologise for the length and complexity of Orange France passwords.

What if I am not happy with something?

The first thing to remember is that you are renting a private property, and not a hotel –  Every house in the world has some quirks and foibles that give it character, and this is a part of the self catering experience.

The Owners or Managers contacts you will deal with have a personal connection to the property: They are not like hotel staff who are paid to deal with rude and aggressive complaints: They will be far more likely to respond positively if you put your points to them in a constructive, discussive manner – however much the tiredness after your journey makes you want to let off steam. They are as keen as you are to make your holiday enjoyable – Remembering this will make your stay a memorable and positive one.

As part of HL Holidays service to Owners and Guests alike, we interface between Guests and the management teams to get things explained or put right as soon as possible, and we are pleased to help and advise – but again…. we are more likely to be more helpful if your approach is respectful and reasonable. Our office is manned throughout the weekends during the holiday season should our assistance be needed.

All members of the HL Holidays Team have visited all the properties, and we endeavour to re-visit all properties every calendar year as far as possible, so our knowledge is usually fairly current. We also hold layout plans and directions and contacts for all properties.

If you discover something that you think may be charged to you at the end of the stay, please take images which you can pass on when necessary: All images have dates embedded, so there is no need to send this immediately. That said however, claims against Security Deposits are rare, with virtually no claims against Security Deposits for items of which the Guest is unaware.

You must remember at all times that you are renting a country house in France – the climate is different, the plants, animals and insects are different, and your accommodation is a house, probably hundreds of years old, and different to what you may be used to in your everyday life. 

It is yours for the period of your booking to run as you wish within simple guidelines and rules…. it is yours to relax and enjoy a holiday. Remember the words… ‘SELF CATERING’ and with that in mind, you will be sure to enjoy your stay.

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