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It’s time to leave your property…

So you have come to the end of your stay…

What time do we have to leave by?

Guests are usually asked to leave by 10h00 to allow the management teams to prepare the house for the next guests, but please check for any local differences. In the quieter months this may be relaxed, but please discuss this if you would like to leave later.

Please note that Management Teams may request payment for waiting time by deduction from your Security Deposit if they cannot access the house very soon after the requested time on the day of departure.

What do I do about cleaning the house?

Lets are normally on the basis that the house is left in a good state of cleanliness – preferably as near to the condition it was in when you arrived.
Unless you have instructions otherwise, You should therefore:

  • remove all your possessions from the property
  • Hoover and dust throughout
  • Make sure all spills and stains are cleaned up
  • ensure Bathrooms are clean
  • clean Kitchen work surfaces and utensils, including the fridge and cooker
  • Wash all crockery, saucepans, glasses and cutlery and store away
  • Return anything moved to its original position
  • return all umbrellas and outdoor furniture to the places where it was found
  • clean the barbecue, and dispose of any ash as instructed.
  • remove all rubbish from the property – Please see the article on Rubbish disposal

Unless you have other instructions, it is best to strip the beds, remove sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, and gather them together with towels ready for laundry.

You may have arranged End of Stay cleaning, in which case this does not apply.  Follow the link for more details on this.

In some cases the end of stay cleaning in included in the rental – you should clarify this before confirming your booking.

What is things are broken, not working or missing?

It is a courtesy to advise the Property Manager of anything that needs attention – preferably before you leave so they can make arrangements to have it rectified between lets if necessary.

What do I do with the keys?

If no-one is there when you leave, please return the keys to the place in which you found them unless you have other instructions.

Help!!! I’ve left something behind… or arrived home with something from the house!

Please contact the Owner or HL Holidays, and we will assist in finding lost items or returning items: We are used to frantic calls from Management Teams who have found soft toys and phone chargers, don’t worry!

What happens to my Security Deposit?

For HL Holidays Guests, please follow this link to the article that deals with Security Deposits for full information: In short, Managers have three days to lodge any claim (less than 10% of bookings give rise to a claim).
Unless you are notified of a claim that has to be established, your Security Deposit minus any deductions will be refunded before the end of the week after you arrive home.
France for Families Guests should contact the Owner/Manager to clarify the policy on Security Deposits.

How do I give Feedback about my stay?

With your Security Deposit HL Holidays Guests  will receive a link to our online feedback form. Feedback is important on all aspects of our operation and the properties we offer, and is very much appreciated. You can always send your feedback directly to us in a written form if you prefer.
France for Families Guests should make their feedback directly to Property Owners – There will usually be a Guest Book or ‘Livre d’Or’ at the property for you to leave this.

Positive mentions on social media are appreciated as well.

What about next year?

Guests will always have first chance of booking for next year – we usually offer a good deal to re-book without commitment when we return your Security Deposit, and when our line up for the next year is finalised in the Autumn, you will also receive an email offering you the chance to book early.

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