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End of Stay cleaning

Is there a charge for cleaning at the end of my stay?

There are no mandatory cleaning charges either included or added to Halcyon Leisure rental prices unless this is clearly set out in the property information.

The standard HL Holidays Terms and Conditions ask that properties are left in the same condition as they are found. A small number of Owners prefer to include a cleaning charge in the rental, and remove the obligation to leave the property as found: You will see this indicated in the web page information

This means that before you leave you should normally:

  • return all furniture, ornaments etc to their original positions (indoor and outdoor)
  • leave all crockery, kitchenware and utensils cleaned and ready for re-use
  • ensure all cookers, fridges and microwaves are clean
  • wipe down all worktops
  • wipe or hoover floors
  • ensure all bathrooms and toilets are cleaned.
  • remove all rubbish from the property for which there should be instructions (but see also the separate article HERE)

It is also accepted practice to strip the beds, and gather the used linen and towels together.

Can I pay for the cleaning to be done?

It is increasingly common for Guests to request that the ‘Final Cleaning’ is done by the Property Management team which is a chargeable extra.  It can be arranged at most properties, but is subject to strict conditions as many Managers look after more than one property, and in the Peak months may have several houses to clean on the same day

  1. ‘Final Cleaning’ is subject to agreement by the Property Managers to arrange for the work to be carried out
  2. It must be booked at least 14 days before your stay starts
  3. Payment will usually be a ‘Job Rate’ which the Managers advise us of at the start of the year. It is not negotiable.

What happens if our cleaning is not satisfactory?

If the Management Team have to put in more time than usual to clean the property after your stay, they may request a charge against your Security Deposit which we process on behalf of the Owner.  They are asked to produce corroborative evidence which we pass to the Guests.

Are cleaning materials provided?

The experience of HL Holidays over the years shows that if suitable materials are provided houses are better maintained by Guests, and so we actively encourage Owners and Managers to provide cleaning materials of their choice for Guests.
If these have to be replenished during a stay, we always suggest that Guests purchase similar materials.
Please note that most houses have ‘fosse septiques’ for dealing with dirty water, and only cleaning agents safe for these must be used: They are readily available in supermarkets. More information on fosse septique is in this article.

We hope this article answers your questions on End of Stay cleaning: For further information or discussion of your self catering holiday please contact HL Holidays

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